Sherlock Manga Coming to English

Sherlock manga ad

Back in 2012, a manga adaptation of the Sherlock TV show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman began running in Japan.

Now, that comic comes to English for the US and UK via Titan Comics. Sherlock: A Study in Pink will debut in June. They’re describing it as “a manga comic series”, so I’m guessing it will appear in issues before being collected, similar to the way the original was serialized in chapters. A Study in Pink was the first Sherlock episode that aired back in 2010.

Sherlock manga ad

The second Sherlock episode, The Blind Banker, was also serialized in manga form by the same artist, Jay, in 2013, with a third episode, The Great Game, coming out in 2014. That means there’s potential for more comic adaptations if this does well.

The Titan comic series “will feature all new art and covers by a host of top comics talent including fan favorite artist Alice X. Zhang” who does popular covers for the Doctor Who comic series. The Sherlock comic will be available in both print and digital forms with extended page counts.


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