Killer Cocktail

Killer Cocktail

The modern-day Nick-and-Nora-style couple mystery Murder With a Twist has a sequel coming out in early May. Tracy Kiely’s Killer Cocktail sends playboy Nigel and ex-homicide detective Nicole to Hollywood, accompanied by their giant dog Skippy. As with the previous volume, it’s a breezy, light-hearted read.

Scenes alternate between now and the 1996 events on set while making a film where the lead, former child star Melanie Summers, unfortunately passed away, presumably from a drug overdose. She was co-starring with her ex-love, adding to the drama, a man who then became involved with the actress who replaced Melanie (and won an Oscar for the role).

Killer Cocktail

Nigel’s new film restoration company has come across much-in-demand behind-the-scenes footage from that time that promises to reveal more of what actually happened to Melanie. Key characters, then and now, include a celebrity reporter, Melanie’s assistant, the film’s director, the film’s producer, and a monster of a stage mother.

Although people are injured and, of course (since this is a murder mystery), killed, there’s a wisecracking tone throughout that keeps the mood light and the reading enjoyable, particularly if you enjoy Hollywood gossip. A great popcorn book. (The publisher provided an advance digital review copy.)

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