Sherlock Manga Preview Pages, Covers Released

Sherlock manga cover by Alex Ronald

The manga adaptation of Sherlock, A Study in Pink, now has a release date, June 8; a price point, $4.99 for 52 pages; and preview art available. Here are two of the pages, relettered in English. The book won’t be flipped but will read right to left.

Sherlock manga art by Jay

Titan Comics has also released a flock (or maybe, as a group term for detectives, a consult?) of variant covers, shown below.

Sherlock manga cover by Jay

Cover by Jay

Sherlock manga photo cover

Photo cover

Sherlock manga cover by Alex Ronald

Cover by Alex Ronald

Sherlock manga cover by Rod Reis

Cover by Rod Reis

Sherlock manga cover by Question No. 6

Cover by Question No. 6


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