• Dan M

    I was surprised that the costume from the aborted David E. Kelley show was not included.

  • MurrayC

    Dan M – Since the aborted David E. Kelley show never saw the light of day (i.e. never broadcasted or released digitally to the market) you can’t really count it.

    However…. It WOULD have been nice to see the animation designs from shows like “Super Friends” and “Justice League [Unlimited]” and any direct to DVD movies.

  • Ali T Kokmen

    The Lynda Carter show also featured an alternate costume once or twice–a skintight blue wetsuit with white star detail at the collar and the usual bracelets, boots, and lasso at the belt. It showed up for special uses like when WW was swimming or diving (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNHfgOEAyXs ) where it’d include a bathing cap and perhaps-not-officially-part-of-the-costume-but-visible-in-some-shots swim flippers, or when she was motorcycling (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC2_NQRkE3k ) where it’d include a helmet and goggles.

    Honestly, you gotta love that show… :)

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