Vinland Saga 8 Announced for US

Vinland Saga volume 15 (Japanese)

When Vinland Saga returned from hiatus last year, the plan was only for the 6th and 7th volumes. Future volumes were dependent on sales.

Apparently, those were decent, since publisher Kodansha announced at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend that Book Eight, collecting the Japanese volumes 15 and 16, will be out in Fall of this year. This edition catches the English-language edition up to the Japanese releases. And it comes with some advice for fans:

Vinland Saga volume 15 (Japanese)

Vinland Saga volume 15 (Japanese edition)

be sure to watch this space for more Vinland Saga news. Thank you to the fans for your support and requests for this incredible manga series. We hope you’ll keep picking it up, and spreading the word!

Vinland Saga is the sprawling story of a Viking tribe, their battles and motivations, all beautifully illustrated by Makoto Yukimura.

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  • Dominik Schenk

    I will preorder this right f***ing now if i could

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