New Bone Graphic Novel Marks 25th Anniversary

Bone: Coda

25 years after the first Bone issue, and years after the book became a kids’ graphic novel classic, Cartoon Books has announced a new Bone book.

The Bone cousins and their friend Bartleby the Baby Rat Creature take a “dangerous journey across the desert back to Boneville in their rickety cow cart” in a 32-page black-and-white story written and drawn by original creator Jeff Smith.

Bone: Coda

Bone: Coda will also include the text of The Bone Companion by Stephen Weiner, now illustrated, as well as “rare behind the scenes photos and memories … and an afterword by the author thanking the comics community and readers”.

The black-and-white softcover is due out in July and appearing in Previews now at $14.99 for 120 pages.

Bone Code promo art

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