YaoiCon Celebrates 15 Years by Adding East Coast Edition

BishounenCon logo

YaoiCon, to be held in the San Francisco area September 16-18 (the same weekend at SPX, but I imagine there isn’t a lot of audience crossover), will be celebrating its 15th anniversary of gathering fans of yaoi in anime and manga.

Now they’re adding an East Coast gathering, BishounenCon, which will launch March 3-5, 2017, in Warwick, Rhode Island. The name change indicates a wider focus with the new show. Viannah Duncan, convention director, said, “we’ve taken our love of yaoi to the next level and with BishounenCon have focused on LGBT characters and romantic relationships in comics, cartoons, television, and more from all over the world, including Europe, the Middle East, and (of course) Japan and the United States.” “Bishounen” means “pretty boy(s)” in Japanese.

BishounenCon logo

The show aims to “celebrate love and romance between men, including both modern and historical art and literature” and will add to the usual YaoiCon events a formal ball. Why Warwick? Because it’s close to the Providence airport for easy travel. Registration and other signups will begin in August.

Anyone been to YaoiCon? It’s too specialist for me, but I’m curious as to how big a show it is and how enjoyable.

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