Captain America: Civil War Movie Theater Shops

Civil War t-shirt front mockup

For years, people have been suggesting that there’s an opportunity to sell more items to fans of superhero films in movie theaters. Finally, someone’s taking up the idea — but it’s not comic books they’ll be selling.

Marvel has announced that The Araca Group, “a renowned live entertainment merchandising company”, will be operating pop-up shops in 88 movie theater lobbies in conjunction with the release of Captain America: Civil War on May 6. They’ll sell 11 different products, including limited edition “The Battle Begins” t-shirts, hoodies, and a specially designed collectible.

This special Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War merchandise collection will only be available in select movie theaters and feature products for both Super Hero teams and features unique artwork specifically released as part of this assortment. Marvel fans of all ages will find something for them from a variety of fashion forward t-shirts, custom sweatshirts, hats, and more. A highly collectible item is sure to be Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War commemorative ticket in a ceramic holder, individually numbered with a limited edition of 5,000.

I can imagine why no one wants to sell comics at movie theaters — there are too many of them, and everyone would read them while waiting for their movie without buying, so they would get ratty really quickly.

The list of locations shows they aren’t coming to my state, or much of the midwest, which makes me think this is a boon for eBay reselling speculators. No word yet on how long this stuff will be for sale, but here are some image mockups they provided.

Civil War t-shirt front mockupCivil War t-shirt back mockupCivil War hoodie front mockupCivil War hoodie back mockupCivil War shirt front mockup

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