Lost Property

Lost Property

Nobrow Press has a line they call 17×23, made up of short single-issue stories by promising UK creators. They’re beautifully designed, as is typical of Nobrow publications, giving them more heft and encouraging the readers to interact more deeply with them. A lovely package welcomes more time spent, and this one has French flaps and heavy white paper.

The only one I’ve seen in person is Lost Property by Andy Poyiadgi. The remembrance-based story particularly appealed to me, as did its primarily rust and forest green color scheme, suited to this tale of object memory.

Gerald is a postman, delivering items to people but careless with his own. One day, he visits a lost property office, where he finds everything he’s ever misplaced. It’s a summation of his life, told mostly in terms of what could have been and wasn’t.

Lost Property

This quiet comic is made up of reflective moments. I was attracted to and inspired by the theme of using nostalgia to make something new, of springboarding from the past to face the future.

You can see preview pages at the publisher’s website.

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