Wonder Woman Makeup Spotted at Walgreens

Wonder Woman Walgreens promotional art

Wonder Woman is the basis for a new line of make-up available at Walgreens. The “exclusive Wonder Woman collection of beauty products and accessories [is] sure to bring out every woman’s inner glam goddess.” My take was that this seems (based on really bright and glittery color choices) to be aimed pretty young. Check out this nail polish display, for instance:

Wonder Woman nail polish display

While there’s playful appeal to the red (shown upper center), which has star-shaped glitter in it, I can’t imagine anyone over the age of 12 wearing that “Diana Prince Pink”/”Amazon Goddess” sunshine yellow “Alter Ego” combo. At least they had fun with some of the punny names, like “Strawberry Empower-Mint Lip Balm”.

Still, my inner child was curious, so I stopped by my local Walgreens today to check this out. Unfortunately, the “Queen of the Amazons” combo shown on the left, the red “Lady Truth”/blue glitter “Beauty, Brains and Brawn”, the one I was interested in, was the one they were either out of or hadn’t stocked yet. At least it gave me a chance to take the following pictures of the displays.

Wonder Woman makeup at Walgreens

The makeup display has a lip gloss trio, a liquid eyeliner trio (with gold glitter as one option!), an eyeshadow set, and a bronzer with brush. Note again, they’re not set up with all the product yet — the empty slots on the left are for the lipstick and lip balm, which were supposed to look like this:

Wonder Woman lipstick and lip balm

I don’t know if you can get a good idea of the colors, but the “Paradise Eye-land Eyeshadow Set” is all dark colors with the exception of the very 70s power blue glitter option, true to the TV show period.

Wonder Woman Paradise Eye-land Eyeshadow Set

There’s also a “Beauty Book” makeup kit with a variety of products inside. I kind of like the rust eyeshadow labeled “Emancipation”.

Wonder Woman Beauty Book makeup set

The collection goes beyond makeup, including this group of hair accessories, scrunchies and headbands.

Wonder Woman hair accessories

I didn’t see this makeup tote or the five-brush set mentioned in the promotion at my local store. They may still be setting up, since the products launched this week.

Wonder Woman makeup tote

I do like the classic art style they’re using for the effort. Stop by your local Walgreens or Walgreens.com (which didn’t have all the products listed last I checked) to find out more.

Update: Desiree Rodriguez tried out several of the products and gives her evaluation of how they apply and wear.

Wonder Woman Walgreens promotional art

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