Breaking Cat News

Breaking Cat News

You’ll know from the subtitle of Breaking Cat News whether it’s something you want to read or not: “Cats Reporting on the News That Matters to Cats”. Georgia Dunn draws her three felines — Lupin, Puck, and Elvis — as if they were news anchors focused on such topics as sun spots and eating plants and seeing another cat outside the window. The joke is the same throughout, rung out with changes of topic, and best aimed at cat lovers who think anything they do is adorable.

The homeowners are the Man and the Woman, and they are reported on when providing food or disrupting the house. The closest thing to a storyline here is when the Woman is pregnant, necessitating a move and then bringing home the baby.

Breaking Cat News

Dunn is a children’s book illustrator, and the cats have the kind of friendly, cuddly designs you’d see there, with blank dot eyes and the addition of shirts and ties (and sometimes hats). She works in watercolor, which gives most strips a soft pastel warmth. The art is often static, with the cats shown behind a desk or standing with a microphone. They could be puppets.

Here are a few of the ones that tickled me, because they show such classic cat behavior:

My favorite line was that at the end of the first strip: “Up next: What are all these birds doing and why is there glass in the way?” You can see a lot more at the strip’s website. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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