Comic-Con HQ Launches Free Beta, Will Stream Con Man

Con Man by Alan Tudyk

Comic-Con HQ, the on-demand subscription video service, is now in free beta mode for iOS and web users. (There’s still no word on monthly fees, though, which makes me leery when it comes to giving them any credit card information.) Their free period ends July 25, which is the day after this year’s San Diego Comic-Con ends.

The first sweetener to encourage sign-ups is a chance to win a free trip to the con for you and three friends if you join the beta before May 20. (FYI, the official sweepstakes rules give the value of a trip for four, staying in one hotel room, to the con as just over $5,000, if you were planning your own visit. Of course, that doesn’t count the time spent trying to register for badges or the hotel room lottery.)

But if that isn’t enough, Comic-Con HQ has announced that they will be the exclusive streaming partners for Con Man. That’s the web TV show produced by Alan Tudyk (Firefly), Nathan Fillion (Castle) and author PJ Haarsma about a washed-up actor (Wray, played by Tudyk) from a cult fave sci-fi TV show doing the convention circuit. (As you might expect, the in-show series Spectrum bears a strong responsibility to the much-missed Firefly.) Fillion plays his former co-star, Jack, now a celebrity. As the official description puts it:

While Jack enjoys the life of an A-lister, Wray is the begrudging guest of sci-fi conventions, comic book store appearances and different pop culture events. The series explores these events and all the crazy and real things that happen behind the scenes in the world of fandom.

Con Man by Alan Tudyk

Season one was funded via Indiegogo, where it raised over $3 million. The 13 episodes will be available for viewing via Comic-Con HQ in June. If you’re interested in buying the episodes, which are available on venues like iTunes or Vimeo, they won’t be available beginning June 1, so get them now.

Season two will be produced by Comic-Con HQ and launch later this year. It will focus on “Wray’s attempt to propel himself from B-movie sci-fi actor to esteemed mainstream leading man, while maintaining the respect of his Spectrum fans, former co-stars, and Jack in the process.” Here’s a brief video of Alan Tudyk talking up the partnership:


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