Goldie Vance Promoted to Ongoing Series

Goldie Vance #2 cover

Like Lumberjanes and Giant Days before it, the Boom! Box miniseries Goldie Vance has been promoted to an ongoing series.

Written by Hope Larson and drawn by Brittney Williams, the story puts a fresh-yet-retro take on the girl detective, with her having light adventures solving mysteries in a 1960s Florida resort hotel. The first four issues will be collected in a bargain-priced ($9.99) paperback due out in October; that volume will be available to order in the June Previews catalog. Presumably, issue #5 will be solicited after that.

Issue #2 is out tomorrow, and here’s a preview of it, including a variant cover by Veronica Fish.

Goldie Vance #2 cover

Goldie Vance #2 variant cover by Veronica FishGoldie Vance #2 page 3Goldie Vance #2 page 4Goldie Vance #2 page 5Goldie Vance #2 page 6Goldie Vance #2 page 7


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