A Kickstarter Worth Supporting, Particularly for Medical Memoir Readers

Raised on Ritalin by Tyler Page

Tyler Page is tackling a fascinating subject in Raised on Ritalin: A Personal Story of ADHD, Medication, and Modern Psychiatry, a graphic memoir that will also be of interest to those who enjoy comics about medical topics.

In addition to his own experiences being on drugs for ADD for much of his life, Tyler promises to tell “the story of ADD/ADHD itself — the origins and development of the diagnosis and its treatments including drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, as well as its biological and sociological underpinnings, and even the history of modern psychiatry in general.” Ambitious, but I trust he can do it. I’ve been reading Page’s comics for a while now, with Nothing Better a particular favorite, and his character work has always been excellent. The comic’s already been drawn and posted on the web, so you know what you’re getting. The Kickstarter is funded, with a week and a half left to go, so it’s pretty much a preorder at this point. The story was inspired by his children, as he explains:

When I started a family and began to worry my kids might have the same problems I had, I knew I needed to learn everything about ADHD I could. Would I give them medication like my parents had given me? Would it help them? Did it help me?

Here’s an interview with Page that explains more about the project’s origins.

Raised on Ritalin by Tyler Page


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