Marvel Announces U.S.Avengers for Fourth of July

U.S.Avengers cover by Paco Medina

Marvel Comics has announced a new team book that has a perfect theme for this holiday weekend — unfortunately, we won’t get to read the comic until December.

U.S.Avengers, written by Al Ewing and drawn (with cover) by Paco Medina, is a team to replace S.H.I.E.L.D., which “can no longer be trusted.” A new “American Intelligence Mechanics” formed by Roberto Da Costa will replace them as the country’s super-spy agency. Lookit all that red, white, and blue!

U.S.Avengers cover by Paco Medina

Series editor Tom Brevoort says, “U.S.Avengers will be a bold, brawny book that will distill everything that you love about and everything that you fear about this great land of ours into twenty pages of high-octane patriotic action every issue,” but I prefer Ewing’s quote:

“[Da Costa] came to America in his teens, and, as both an actual and fictional minority, a South American mutant, he’s experienced the ugly side of it. But he’s seen the best of America, too. He has an absolute love for his adopted country, and he’ll fight to the end to save lives and help people.”

Roberto Da Costa by Paco Medina

I also like his handling of characters in a group, based on his work on other Avengers versions. This team is made up of the following characters — Squirrel Girl, Cannonball, Iron Patriot, Thunderbolt Ross (the Red Hulk), Pod — as well as “tomorrow’s Captain America today”.

Squirrel Girl by Paco Medina

Cannonball by Paco Medina

Iron Patriot by Paco Medina

Thunderbolt Ross, the Red Hulk by Paco Medina

Pod by Paco Medina

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