Animation Allows for Never-Aging Group in Music Video

Good Times!

The second single from the new Monkees album, Good Times!, is “You Bring the Summer”. The first video used comic book art; this second one takes a limited animation approach.

It made me happy. Particularly in the way they made a virtue of reusing certain action loops. Each time the band plays, they’re in another famous set of costumes, alluding to how the visuals of the TV show changed over its short run. They start in the red 8-button shirts, moving through grey suits, psychedelic wear with love beads, and the all-white Head outfits. The “chorus line” that shows up is particularly cute, and I also appreciated the album cover and TV credit allusions.

It’s a clever way to remind viewers of the show’s heyday. Although the real-life Monkees are much older (or passed), the simplified cartoon versions are timeless. What more do you want from pop other than a catchy chorus that puts a smile on your face?

Good Times!

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