Wynonna Earp Gets Second Season

Wynonna Earp promotional poster

Wynonna Earp, the TV show about a demon-fighting gunslinger, has been renewed for a shorter second season by Syfy.

The first season’s 13 episodes began airing in April 2016. The second season, scheduled to debut in 2017, will have 10. The supernatural western show stars Melanie Scrofano as Wyatt Earp’s demon-fighting great-granddaughter.

Congrats to friend of this site Beau Smith, the writer of the comic the show was based on! It’s now published by IDW. The show was developed by Emily Andras.

Wynonna Earp promotional poster

Since I no longer have cable, I haven’t seen any episodes. Have any readers? What’s your opinion? From what I can tell, it sounds like an enjoyably cheesy B western, which is pretty much what I expect from Syfy shows — genre popcorn entertainment.


  • Jim Kosmicki

    it is cheesy, but my wife really likes it. The elevator pitch would be Supernatural crossed with Lost Girl, which definitely helps explain how it got Syfy’s attention. Add in enough superficial western elements to attract a male audience that may not be all that interested in Girl Power stories, and it doesn’t surprise me that it’s had some success.

    but it is cheesy as all get out. this is definitely a Syfy show, not an FX or TNT or AMC cable show

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