Bedtime for Batman

Bedtime for Batman

Since parents are the ones who buy books for kids, this picture book gives them what they want: a way to get hero-loving little boys to go to bed.

Written by Michael Dahl and drawn by Ethen Beavers, Bedtime for Batman compares what the Dark Knight does with what the kid has to do at nighttime.

Batman has the Bat-signal, the boy has a bedtime on the clock.
Batman cleans up the town, the boy has a bath.
Batman puts criminals in jail, the boy has to put his toys away.
Batman has a sidekick, the boy has a dog.

Some of these comparisons are a bit strained and make more sense to adults. Then there’s the double-page spread that has Batman saying, “It’s time to care of business!” as the boy, in underpants and cape, contemplates the toilet in the bathroom. Subtle potty humor!

Bedtime for Batman

Some kids — or fathers wanting to indoctrinate their boys — will love this, but I found it a bit limited in scope. The art is lovely, though, with Batman and Bruce Wayne right out of the classic deco-influenced animated series, and gorgeous full-page color panels. If you’re looking for something to brainwash your little boy Bat-fan into settling down for bedtime, this is right up your alley. (The publisher provided a review copy.)

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