Giant Days #18

Giant Days #18

Out this coming Wednesday is the latest issue of Giant Days, the college series by John Allison (writing) and Max Sarin (art).

It’s the end of the first year of school, and as storylines wrap up, the girls are facing the prospect of change. There’s a scandal with someone selling papers to students and the question of whether their falling-down dorm will survive another year.

As always, the appeal of the series to me is how expressive the characters are, visually, and how well-written the dialogue is. A bunch of spiraling storylines come together in unexpected ways, allowing for various character pairings.

Although this makes for a satisfying wrap-up, there’s a promise of more to come, as the girls discuss attending a summer festival later in the season (and in the issue out next month). This issue is a nice marking point for a transition for the characters.

Giant Days #18

Cover by Lissa Treiman

(The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

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