Harvey Awards Leaving Baltimore, New Home Not Disclosed

Harvey Awards logo

Look, I had nothing to do with it. I was complaining about how the Harvey Awards were easily manipulated last week, and now comes news that the Awards are leaving Baltimore, but I’m sure those things are unrelated.

We don’t know how much is actually changing, beyond the location. The Harvey Awards, previously partnered with Baltimore Comic-Con, will now instead work with ReedPOP, which runs the New York Comic Con, Emerald City Comicon, C2E2, and a number of other events all over the world.

The new site for the awards hasn’t been announced. And who knows? The ceremony could rotate through their portfolio (although I don’t yet see a number of nominees going to Shanghai for them — give it a few years, though). Or bring even more attendees to NYCC, which doesn’t need the help.

Harvey Awards logo

More importantly, we also don’t know how or if the Executive Committee will be changing. They’re the unknown ones who make the decisions, such as what’s eligible and who to reach out to for promotion. The official Harvey Awards website hasn’t been available over the past couple of days, so when it returns, I’ll be curious to see how they announce this news.


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