Wizard World Announces 2017 Schedule With Fewer Shows

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Want to go to a convention with plenty of second-tier media stars, former sci-fi actors, lots of cosplay, and a variety of merchandise that may or may not be comic-related? (I know that’s snarky, but if you go the shows with the right attitude, there’s a fun Disney World aspect to the whole thing.) Wizard World has announced their schedule of conventions for 2017, as follows:

New Orleans, January 6-8
Portland, February 17-19
Cleveland, March 17-19
St. Louis, April 7-9
Minneapolis, May 5-7
Des Moines, May 19-21
Philadelphia, June 1-4
Sacramento, June 16-18
Albuquerque, July 14-16
Columbus, August 4-6
Orlando, August 11-13
Chicago, August 24-27
Nashville, September 8-10
Madison, September 22-24
Oklahoma City, October 27-29
Austin, Nov. 17-19

With 16 planned, that’s a slight decrease from last year’s 17. And from an outside observer perspective, this schedule is more reasonable in terms of spacing between events.

No word yet on which celebs will be headlining the circuit. Beyond the “Wizard World Comic Con experience, each show brings fans the Wizard World Gaming Con, which presents the best gaming, technology, exhibitors and competition.”

Wizard World logo

Back in late 2015, Wizard World had announced plans for shows in Raleigh, Reno, and Nashville for 2017, postponed from 2016, but Raleigh and Reno are apparently no longer considered feasible. Also dropped after hosting 2016 shows are Las Vegas, Richmond, and Tulsa.

I’m frankly surprised to see Wizard World Madison continue, given that it’s not nearly as large a market as some of the other major cities on this list, but I’m not complaining. I’m also glad to see it move to fall from the early spring (February/April) where it was previously held. That’s pretty raw weather for this kind of celebration, and I suspect fall is a better timeframe. Thankfully, it’s a week after SPX, so no conflict for me there.


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