Pope Hats #2 Now Available Again

Pope Hats #2 cover

I was very pleasantly surprised by Ethan Rilly’s Pope Hats #2 when I first read it five years ago. It’s an accomplished portrait of young urbanites and their struggles, beautifully illustrated.

Since then, Rilly’s put out issue #3 (preview here) and issue #4 (preview here), all through the exceptional AdHouse Books.

Pope Hats #2 cover

Now, issue #2 is back in print. It’s 40 pages for $6.95, available next month. However, since Diamond Comics won’t re-solicit comic books (really?), you can only get it direct from AdHouse or Ethan Rilly or by getting your comic shop to order from AdHouse. (Do it! They’re good people!) Here’s the full description:

Pope Hats #2 follows the rise of young law clerk Frances Scarland. Frances must survive an unwanted promotion at one of Toronto’s major Bay Street firms, while tending to the regular wake of destruction left behind by her best friend. This eagerly anticipated issue follows what Seth described as “the most impressive debut comic I’ve seen in years” with a surreal exploration of growth and failure in downtown Toronto. Also included is a short story about a long distance relationship.

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