Idol Dreams Volume 3

Idol Dreams Volume 3

In Idol Dreams volume 3, author Arina Tanemura spends more time with the adult Chikage, providing a nice balance to the previous volume.

Chikage finally has the phone number of the guy she’s had a crush on since high school — thanks in part to her younger self. She even gets a date with him, but she’s so nervous she drags along Tokita, the guy who’s made her whole transformation possible. That’s him on the cover.

Tokita, like the reader, is stunned by how nicely Chikage presents herself, having learned some lessons from her idol alter-ego. More importantly, we find out what happened between Chikage and her crush all those years ago in high school.

Idol Dreams Volume 3

She’s learned her lesson, that sometimes not taking action is the wrong choice. It seems safe, not to have to do anything, but it can give the wrong impression. Now that she has a rare second chance, she’s aiming to try something else, although she’s erring too far in the wrong direction. Partially that’s for the comedy, but it’s also a reflection of her insecurities about potentially getting what she’s dreamed of for so long.

Her younger self, meanwhile, is having much better luck, with two cute boys interested in dating her. Those adventures are more “wacky comedy” style, as she gets in trouble sneaking into a school and babysitting.

The next volume promises more with the teen idol, but I’m not sure when it will be out here. The author, at the end, apologizes “for the slow pace of the story” and asks us to look forward to volume 4, which only just now came out in Japan. I’m still enjoying the base premise of getting a second chance to figure out who you want to grow up into, but I like the adult sections more than the younger, because I like seeing Chikage finding herself more than hanging out with teenagers.

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