Princess Princess Ever After Back to Print, Sold by Scholastic

Princess Princess Ever After

Princess Princess Ever After is turning into quite the hit for Oni Press.

It’s the story of two princesses (originally a webcomic) by Katie O’Neill. One is more traditional-looking, a blonde in a pretty dress. The other is dark-skinned and more adventurous, rescuing the first girl from a tower prison. Then they rescue a prince. Find out more at this Mary Sue writeup (with preview pages).

It’s a fairy tale with a twist, since the two princesses fall for each other. I thought it was a bit simple for my taste, but some younger women I know loved seeing such classic character types with such a modern, well-needed approach to gender roles.

Princess Princess Ever After

It seems that they’re not alone — Oni sold out the first print run and will have more hardcovers available on December 7. Plus, a value-priced paperback will be available to tons more readers through the Scholastic book clubs and fairs. Said Oni Managing Editor Ari Yarwood, “It’s so vital to provide children with positive, diverse stories that they can see themselves reflected in. Personally, this is a book I wish I could have read as a kid, and I am so pleased that even more children will have this story available to them.”

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