Everyone’s Getting Married Volume 2

Everyone's Getting Married Volume 2

Everyone’s Getting Married is my favorite current manga romance, because it’s entertaining for me to see love among adults instead of schoolmates. It’s a cliche’ for the woman to want to get married before the man does, but I still like seeing Asuka and Nanami fall in love in spite of their different opinions on their eventual future.

In Volume 2, Asuka admits her feelings for him, telling a friend she’s “going to try to persuade him to see things [her] way.” It’s not a smart approach, but it’s understandable and affecting to read about. Many people have had reason to struggle with the conflict between love and their own opinions, whether they differ on religion or politics or simply whether or when to get married.

There’s also the struggle to coordinate the schedules of two busy working people, particularly when one of them is a TV newscaster. That makes the moments they seize together all the more poignant and passionate. In chapters here, he’s preparing to host a major music festival and working on getting the timing just right, when he’s not in demand for any number of other jobs. That’s a fun distraction, looking at how the media business works in Japan.

I like this series because I like the characters, and I’m rooting for them to work things out so they can be together long-term. I also like that there’s more to their lives than just their feelings for each other. Everyone’s Getting Married is an enjoyable love story with realistic modern conflicts.

Everyone's Getting Married Volume 2

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