Liberty Belle in DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls: Past Times at Super Hero High

In addition to the DC Super Hero Girls graphic novels I’ve reviewed previously, I have just discovered that they also put out a digital-first comic.

DC Super Hero Girls: Past Times at Super Hero High comes out every two weeks on Wednesday, with issue #5 just out. Issues are a dollar for 22 screens. The story is by writer Shea Fontana, the same as the graphic novels, making for nice consistency. GN artist Yancey Labat illustrates the first issue before Agnes Garbowska takes over.

In the story, “Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley, Katana, Bumblebee, and Ivy embark on a time-traveling mission that goes haywire, leading the teen superheroes on a wild goose chase through time in hopes to restore order at present-day Super Hero High.” But the part I was most excited to find out about was that the field trip teacher is Liberty Belle, an old favorite of mine!

DC Super Hero Girls: Past Times at Super Hero High

She takes the group of girls, plus Beast Boy, back into prehistory to see dinosaurs up close. (And she has an odd fondness for really old slang.) Batgirl and Harley have a rivalry over who’s the bigger dino fan, and an accident separates the class into two groups, who must reunite without affecting history. Of course, that doesn’t happen, so then it’s a matter of fixing the timeline.

I like that this story is just an adventure that happens to star a bunch of girl heroes, not something specifically “feminine”. And the time travel and prehistoric settings add a nice level of action. If you’re not a digital comic fan, the whole story will be collected in print sometime next year.


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