Marvel and Funko Team up for Three Cartoons

Marvel Funko Iron Man Spider-Man

I shouldn’t like the Funko characters as much as I do. They’re almost scarily designed to be perfectly cute, with the giant blank eyes and oversized heads, appealing to all those protective impulses hardcoded in our subconscious.

But they are adorable, and now there are three short cartoons with the Marvel characters in Funko style. The first, “Spellbound”, features Spider-Man and Iron Man fighting Loki — and each other, due to some mind control magic.

The second, “Bait n Switch”, will debut on December 7 and stars Rocket Raccoon and Groot. The third, “Chimichangas”, pits Deadpool again Venom.

Now, all these characters are non-coincidentally the fan favorites from the recent Marvel movies, but I don’t expect Marvel to do anything these days without multiple media tie-ins. It’s part of being a component of the Disney empire. Still, it’s a minute-and-a-half of cute action.

Marvel Funko Iron Man Spider-Man

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