Giant Days #21

Giant Days #21

What would you do if you came home and you found open doors and missing valuables? If you’re the three roommates written by John Allison and drawn by Max Sarin, you’d panic, then you’d collapse, then you’d interact with the local police. But when none of these things had useful effect, then you’d come up with a ridiculous plan that involves visiting criminal hangouts to try and recover property of emotional significance.

What matters, though, and what makes this series appealing, isn’t what happens but how the girls interact in such entertaining fashion. The dialogue is my favorite. As someone who’s a big fan of Moonlighting and Gilmore Girls, both shows that relied on fast-delivered wit, this hits some of the same pleasure centers. Plus, I like the pop culture references, from Raymond Chandler to Roadhouse.

Giant Days #21

Cover by Lissa Treiman

Also out this Wednesday is the BOOM! Box 2016 Mix Tape anthology, which contains a new Giant Days short story written and illustrated by Allison, as well as separate new stories with the Lumberjanes, one with the Slam! characters, and a Goldie Vance short. The theme for this issue is music, with people forming bands and going to musicals. (The publisher provided an advance digital review copy.)

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