Everyone’s Getting Married Volume 3

Everyone’s Getting Married Volume 3

Everyone’s Getting Married is such an engrossing soap opera! The concept is basic — two people like each other, they enjoy being together, but they think they want different things in life and have different ideas of commitment — which makes it instantly involving and sympathetic. What older reader hasn’t been in a similar situation at some point?

In volume 3, in a gender twist, Asuka’s career takes off while Ryu has a romantic conflict from his past pop up. (Usually, it’s the girl with the troublesome admirer and the guy with the work struggles.) Although it’s more complicated than that — Izumi Miyazono plots like Shonda Rhimes does. She’s not afraid to put in more twists, which provides a sense of movement and fast-paced interaction that suits Ryu’s public career as a newscaster and event host.

It also means the few moments Asuka and Ryu seize together feel like peaceful respites. The pacing mimics the challenges of the plot events — although don’t get me wrong, their moments together are often quite hot as well, as the tension of their struggle to find time to be with each other is released for the reader in the scenes that give this an M (Mature) rating.

Everyone’s Getting Married Volume 3

Instead of artificial drama between the two leads, with the usual shojo recriminations and misunderstandings, I like that Everyone’s Getting Married is more likely to have a character make a self-aware realization, so that when they come back together, they’re better for each other. And I like that in Asuka’s case, she likes and is good at her job, even though she ultimately wants to leave it.

Ryu’s good at his job, too, as we see him managing pushy reporters at a press conference to protect one of the interview subjects. I like the insights into how Japanese media culture works, with its cross-promotion and combined opportunities. But ultimately, this series is about romantic relationships, and mature friendships, and the choices adults make, which is a pleasure to read about and a nice change from the schoolgirl romances.

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