Mega Princess #2

Mega Princess #2

Maxine is well on her quest to find her baby brother, started in issue #1, which gives writer Kelly Thompson and artist Brianne Drouhard a chance to explore some of the more imaginative lands in their modern fairytale.

This time out, it’s the Tiny Kingdom, with a shrunken Max and an even tinier pony Justine. She’s clever enough to outfit a fox — teaching the reader about the riddle about getting the fox, chicken, and food ferried across a river along the way — but she’s young enough to jump to conclusions and be convinced that she’s right. Thankfully, some honest discussion sets her straight, and she demonstrates glimmers of the royalty she will become, character development skillfully handled by Thompson.

I also like the pony, who often cuts straight to the direct option. All of the characters — her parents, her fairy godmother Amber — feel current and honest, even set within the fantasy conventions. They’re often quite funny, too, even when demonstrating frustration or concern.

The puzzle section is nicely illustrated as if done in simple watercolor, like a child would paint (but cleaner and clearer). The kingdom of little beings has influences from both fairies and A Bug’s Life, with bits of trash repurposed and plenty of excuses for imagination-inspiring visuals. It looks like this pattern will continue next issue, with a visit to another exciting realm. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

Mega Princess #2

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