Spell on Wheels #1-3

Spell on Wheels #1

Spell on Wheels is one of those genius concepts that seems so obvious when you see it but it took the creative imagination of its writer, Kate Leth, to bring it about. Here it is: Three witches are robbed, so they go on a road trip to recover their lost items, which have been sold online by a vengeful ex.

Jolene is a technopath. Claire is psychic and reads tarot cards. Andy handles spells and potions. They’re a terrific trio, in the vein of Charmed, and they clearly care about and support each other.

Art is by Megan Levens (Angel City, Ares & Aphrodite), who does a fabulous job with varied figures and expressions. I’m particularly struck by how each has a different fashion look — I want some of Claire’s outfits!

Spell on Wheels #1

Cover by Ming Doyle

The dialogue keeps the story moving while revealing each woman’s fears and strengths, and the various stops they make allow Leth and Levans to build out additional characters.

Issue #2 brings the women to the home of a formerly famous painter. He offers to let them stay until the package he purchased arrives, and they can’t decide whether he’s harmless or creepy. It’s not surprising to find out it’s the latter, as we learn to trust instinct and beware of those jealous of younger creativity.

Spell on Wheels #2

Cover by Paulina Ganucheau

Issue #3 is quite the change of pace, as the purchasers this time around are a nice widow and her housewife friends who have a little haunting problem. While there’s some fun made of the upper-class type, there’s also a welcome recognition that friendship and support come in all kinds of groups. No one’s exactly who they seem to be, and the enjoyment builds as more surprises are revealed.

Spell on Wheels #3

Cover by Marguerite Sauvage

Spell on Wheels is a five-issue miniseries, which means we’ll get a conclusion in February and a collection of the whole story in June. I hope, though, this isn’t the last we see of Andy, Claire, and Jolene. I’d like to spend a lot more time with them.

The publisher has posted preview pages. (The publisher provided digital review copies.)


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