Another Manga by Bunny Drop Author Coming to US

Sleeping Beauty manga by Yumi Unita

I know a number of manga fans who were really disappointed by Bunny Drop by Yumi Unita. They liked the early part of the series, about a young man raising an orphaned little girl, but they disagreed with the direction the series took near the end.

(The dislike means, for some, any series that features an older man/young girl interacting, such as Sweetness & Lightning, now causes fear that it’s going to take a creepy turn. It’s unfortunate that Bunny Drop was such a bad apple.)

Seven Seas has just announced another manga by Yumi Unita coming in English. Sleeping Beauty is described as “a modern-day fairy tale”. Here’s the plot description:

High school student Yaneko loves to sleep, so much that she can barely wake up of her own accord. That is, until she is roused from her slumber by a sleep spirit known as Nerim. Yaneko must accompany the benevolent spirit on his daily work route, as he grants the gift of comfortable sleep to people (and animals!) of all ages. But just what is his true purpose and why has he chosen Yaneko to be his assistant? This could very well be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

I like the idea — who can’t relate to enjoying sleep? — and there doesn’t seem much to be gun-shy about in this concept, so perhaps this will redeem the manga-ka’s reputation among US fans. Sleeping Beauty will come out November 21 at $12.99 for a single volume.

Sleeping Beauty manga by Yumi Unita

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