How Long Is Too Long? Nothing Better Kickstarter

Nothing Better volume 3 Kickstarter

I enjoyed Nothing Better, the story by Tyler Page about two college roommates struggling with finding their own beliefs. But I last read it in 2009, when I reviewed the second volume.

Now comes word that he’s ready to release a third collection, launching a Kickstarter to collect work that had been serialized online.

I’m torn. I’m thrilled that we live in an era where favorite items can return, but I also find that a work I loved a decade ago may not speak to me the same way now. I supported Page’s previous Kickstarter, for his medical memoir Raised on Ritalin, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. (One of the problems with the amazing amount of work available today on all kinds of media is that time becomes precious and over-committed.)

Nothing Better volume 3 Kickstarter

I wasn’t planning on buying this new collection, feeling that too much time had passed and that I wasn’t sure I could still relate to the struggles of too such young women. But then came the marches yesterday, a remarkable day of display of what we can accomplish together, and a reminder that we should support what we should believe in.


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