New York Times Eliminating Comic Bestseller Lists

Rumors are circulating that, as of February 5, the New York Times will no longer be publishing their graphic novel and manga bestseller lists.

Some people get the lists in advance, and there are apparently many lists gone with a brief note that the section has been “revised”.

Also gone are the mass market paperback, ebook, and paperback young adult lists.

This means most genre works are no longer represented in the “paper of record”.

Seeking hard to find a silver lining in this, I guess this means no one can ever dethrone Raina Telegemeier as the best-sellingest-comic-artist ever. It’s true that the lists were rather predictable, and rumor has it that there’s a separate manga list so that American publishers wouldn’t get shut out, but backing away from recognizing comic work as a unique format is disappointing.

Update: Alex Lu at the Beat has some confirmation. ICv2 got the confirming quote that, from the NY Times perspective,

“The discontinued lists did not reach or resonate with many readers.”


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