Dirty Diamonds, All-Girl Anthology, Announces Next Topic: Sex

Dirty Diamonds, the self-described all-girl comic anthology, has just wrapped up distributing its seventh issue, themed “Imagination”. (Previous volumes included “Beauty” and “Comics”.) They’ve also announced that issue #8 will focus on sex — but not the way you might think.

They want to publish semi-autobiographical stories that explore the thoughts behind the act, with such questions as

What’s something you wish you could have told your younger self?
How does sex make you feel about yourself? About others?
What is your relationship with sex like? How had sex changed your relationships?

And many others, listed on their submission guidelines page. Also, they are not accepting stories with explicit sex acts or genitalia visible, and all submissions for 2-4 page stories are due by February 28.

Dirty Diamonds #8 Call for Submissions

This volume is planned to debut at the Small Press Expo in 2017, with a Kickstarter running in June. (I’ve pledged several of theirs in the past, and they’ve always fulfilled them, although they do sell print copies at shows before shipping PDFs to contributors, so take note if you’ve got to be the first to see the book. Personally, the books have gotten so thick that I want to take time to enjoy all the stories, so I can’t read them fast anyway.)

As they say, “Now more than ever, we need women talking about what sex means to us, rather than being told what’s okay to be done to us.”

Dirty Diamonds logo

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