The Double Life of Miranda Turner: If You Have Ghosts

The Double Life of Miranda Turner

The digital series The Double Life of Miranda Turner, which ran nine issues from October 2013 to April 2016 (at 14 pages or so an issue), is now available in a print collection.

I’ve already talked about why I liked the series, so before everyone forgets about it entirely, I wanted to point out that it’s available in a more permanent form.

Jamie S. Rich wrote and George Kambadais drew this story about a girl taking on her dead sister’s superhero identity of the Cat. Miranda was an actress, trying to figure out who killed Lindy, aided by her ghost. Yet for all that sounds ripe for angst or despair, there was a playful, retro feeling to Miranda (and Lindy’s) story.

We start with a couple of villain takedowns, but as the series continued, we also got to know a little more about other superheroes in the city and the origin of Lindy’s powers. (Miranda just had gumption.) Flashbacks show us what happened to her, and other members of the city’s superhero guild show up to expand the world Rich and Kambadais are building.

Kambadais’s art is elegantly streamlined and deceptively simple. It’s a great choice for an originally digital-only comic, but it reads well on paper also with a classic, straightforward layout. The end of the story got a little too philosophical for me to love it, but that’s also in keeping with the classic superhero comics this book evokes.

More stories are promised in the “he’s still out there!” ending, but I’m not sure when we’ll see them. The collected edition also has images from some promotional postcards for the series. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

The Double Life of Miranda Turner

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