Next Davodeau Book in English Part of Louvre Collection

The Cross-Eyed Mutt

As part of their publication list celebrating their 40th anniversary, NBM Graphic Novels has announced a new book by Étienne Davodeau (The Initiates, Lulu Anew).

The Cross-Eyed Mutt is part of the Louvre Collection, a series of translated graphic novels by world-famous artists set in and exploring the famous French museum. Previous works in the series include An Enchantment, On the Odd Hours, Cruising Through the Louvre, Phantoms of the Louvre, and most recently, Guardians of the Louvre.

The plot involves a Louvre supervisor presented by his potential in-laws with an ugly painting of a cross-eyed dog found in their attic. Will he concede to the wishes of his prospective wife’s family or stand up for artistic standards? It sounds rather farcical (as I’d expect from the French), but I love the tagline: “Who decides what makes a work of art worthy of being in a major museum?” That’s a topic worth exploring!

The Cross-Eyed Mutt

The Cross-Eyed Mutt is a black-and-white hardcover due out in June and priced at $24.99.

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