Dark Horse Announces MST3K Comics

Mystery Science Theater 3000

There is a remarkable lack of specific information in this announcement, but Dark Horse has just announced “a new partnership with the popular entertainment brand and cult-hit comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), which is slated to include a brand-new comic series as well as a variety of Dark Horse–designed products.”

“Dark Horse is one of a number of licensees to sign on for the MST3K consumer products program” following the MST3K Revival Kickstarter, which raised over $6.3 million to create new episodes and other merchandise.

I’ve been watching some of the old episodes (thanks to Comet TV), and they’re still fun. (Although watching one will get bits of the song stuck in my head for days.) Given the show concept, I really really hope that the MST3K comics feature reprints of old comics with commentary, not just stories about the robots and host on the Satellite of Love.

As for merchandise, Dark Horse does a number of figurines and statuettes, as well as such tie-ins as shot glasses. Any may be possible.


  • I’m a huge MST3K fan, and was disappointed when the planned Acclaim Comics MST3K series (with the crew mocking reprints of old Gold Key comics, if I remember correctly) didn’t come to pass. Looking forward to whatever Dark Horse has planned, though I’m sure my wallet isn’t! Thanks for the heads-up…this was the first I heard of it.

  • Marvel’s licensed Beavis and Butt-Head comics used to feature pages where they’d make fun of comics, like the music video segments on the TV show. That’s the kind of format I’m expecting here.

    Truly a great time to be a fan.

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