Spell on Wheels #5

Spell on Wheels #5

The crime caper/road trip/family of witches story wraps up successfully. The three young women confront their burglar (who’s also a manipulative, jealous ex-boyfriend), but first, there’s time for a magical fashion change, because even when you’re fighting for justice, you should feel good about how you look.

We find out who’s behind the plot to steal their artifacts. We knew the ex was trying to gain his own power — and how timely is a plot about a pouty white guy thinking power is his birthright and attacking and robbing women to get it? — but he was being guided all along by a mysterious, more knowledgeable force in the shadows.

Spell on Wheels #5

Cover by Joe Quinones

Ultimately, we see that the important thing is the friends you choose and trust. The trio are opposed for sharing their knowledge with others; the bad guys want to keep it only for the “deserving” ones born into it.

As Kate Leth and Megan Levens wrap up the story, Claire, Andy, and Jolene put their past behind them and head off into more adventures together. I love seeing their camaraderie, and I particularly liked the scene that tells us sometimes you don’t need magic to stand up for yourself, when a good punch will do.

The collection of the five issues will be available in June. It can be ordered now from your local comic shop with code FEB17 0069 with a cover price of $14.99. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

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