Giant Days #24

Giant Days #24

As in the previous issue, Giant Days #24 continues exploring what it means to be an adult and take care of yourself, this time through contrast.

Susan’s terribly sick and has lost her voice. Her dad, a handyman from Northampton, comes to take care of her. He winds up staying, as the girls like being taken care of, perhaps too much. He cooks for them, takes them to the movies, and helps them figure out what’s happened to the next-door neighbor. But it’s all too seductive, as it’s too easy not to have to take care of yourself. While it turns out Dad’s been getting something out of the arrangement as well (and it’s heart-warming, not creepy, don’t think that), by the end, everyone knows they have to tackle the hard, grown-up decisions.

Artists Max Sarin and Liz Fleming do a lovely job combining the girls’ everyday life with writer John Allison’s symbolic images. That’s obvious from the earliest scene, as Susan envisions herself as a corpse about to be autopsied. T

his is a dense world, full of realistic backgrounds which ground the more fanciful discussions. Giant Days is the most satisfying comic I read on a regular basis, consistently providing humor, thoughtful observations, and imaginative takes on real life. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

Giant Days #24

Cover by Lissa Treiman

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