Voices of a Distant Star to Return From Vertical

The Voices of a Distant Star

The Voices of a Distant Star by Makato Shinkai and Mizu Sahara was one of my best comics of 2006, which is when Tokyopop released the translated single volume in the US. Now comes word that Vertical will be bringing the book (based on an anime) back into print. No date announced yet.

The touching story of two young friends irreversibly separated when one is sent away to pilot a robot fighter is full of nostalgia, unspoken feelings, and thoughts of what might have been.

The Voices of a Distant Star

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  • Atu

    Oh my god. So sorry for this random comment but this is the best news I have heard in the longest time!!! I am so glad that I may not need to sell my kidneys off to buy the second hand copies they have floating around on the net. ^ ^

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