Superhero Shows to Get Tie-In Novels

Supergirl Flash promo images

Coming this fall… the two most popular CW superhero TV shows will get brand-new adventures in book form, set within the TV continuity and released in conjunction with the new season fall debuts of the series.

Amulet Books will be publishing two three-book series. Both are aimed at ages 9-12 and will feature covers by César Moreno. Each launches with a hardcover priced at $13.99.

The first is for The Flash, due out October 3, written by Barry Lyga, who knows his heroes and comics. He’s written Archvillain and Mangaman as well as his own YA series, I Hunt Killers.

The Supergirl book launches November 7. I’m less familiar with the work of author
Jo Whittemore, but she’s written a number of YA titles, including a fantasy trilogy.

Supergirl Flash promo images

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