The Zeta Project Now Fully Available From Warner Archive

The Zeta Project Season 1

Back in 2009, the first season of The Zeta Project was put out on DVD. This animated series isn’t well-known, but it’s loved by its fans. It’s a spin-off of Batman Beyond, focusing on a rogue robot who doesn’t want to be an assassin (voiced by Diedrich Bader) and the young runaway (Julie Nathanson) it teams up with. The show ran 26 episodes. (Click that first link for more information from our previous review of the set.)

The first season DVD set went out of print, so Warner Archive to the rescue! They’ve just re-released the set (which means those folks hoping to get $365 for a New copy on Amazon are now out of luck). From what I can tell, it’s exactly the same as the previous release — complete with the two bonus Batman Beyond crossover episodes and a making-of — with one small exception. The older release came with a cardboard slipcover which this doesn’t have.

The Zeta Project Season 1

From the world of Batman Beyond comes Zeta, an experimental infiltration robot designed to be a government agent. With an arsenal of weapons and technology, including a holographic self-projector allowing it to assume any identity, Zeta is the ultimate assassin. But when Zeta’s programming evolves, he develops a conscience and refuses to perform for the government. Now, Zeta is the enemy, and Agent Bennet wants to put this rogue robot down before it endangers humanity. Zeta takes to the streets and finds a friend in Ro, an orphan also on the run. These two form a wary alliance that grows to a friendship as they travel together through The Zeta Project’s 12 exciting season one adventures. As pursuer Bennet’s anger and persistence grow, the question becomes: Who’s the real threat to humanity?

More excitingly, Warner Archive has also put out a DVD collection of the show’s second season, collecting the remaining 14 episodes. (No extras on this one.)

2040 A.D. They created him to kill their enemies. But he refuses to destroy anymore … Renegade “synthoid” Zeta, marked for reprogramming after developing a conscience and defying his evil orders, flees from a ruthless government agent. Capable of transforming himself at will into any human shape and possessing amazing cybernetic resources, Zeta joins Ro, a 15-year-old street kid in her own kind of trouble with the law. In this spin-off from the blockbuster animated series Batman Beyond, futuristic vehicles, weapons, and technology meld with the touching and humorous story of two misfits who need each other to survive in a dangerous world.

The Zeta Project Season 2

(The studio provided review copies.)

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