The Guild Comics Collected in Hardcover

The Guild Library Edition Volume 1

Remember The Guild? Felicia Day put together six seasons of web comedy shorts from 2007-2013 about a group of online gamers and their personality quirks.

Dark Horse released several sets of comics featuring the show characters. First, there was a prequel miniseries explaining how and why Cyd (played by Day) found the online game world, then a set of five one-shots focused on individual characters.

Now, there’s a Library Edition oversized hardcover, labeled Volume 1, that collects the above comics plus

  • thirty-four pages of brand-new comics, making up two stories, drawn by Mike Norton, Francesco Francavilla, and Naomi Franquiz
  • the one-shot co-written with Wil Wheaton starring his character, The Guild: Fawkes
  • the Free Comic Book Day story from 2012 illustrated by Jonathan Case
  • the two-page online story from MySpace Dark Horse Presents #27 (which was previously included in the first paperback collection)

The artists who worked on these stories were quite the names, which might be why this work is getting reprinted. They include Jim Rugg, Jamie McKelvie, Darick Robertson, Kristian Donaldson, Ron Chan, Becky Cloonan, and Tim Seeley. The Guild Library Edition Volume 1 will be out in July at a list price of $49.99.

The Guild Library Edition Volume 1


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