Faith Erin Hicks’ Nameless City Gets a Cartoon

The Nameless City

The Nameless City is the first of three books by Faith Erin Hicks set in a diverse fantasy world. The second, The Stone Heart, is out this week.

Now comes news from that Frederator Studios will be animating the trilogy. They’re creating a 12-episode cartoon miniseries with each book getting four episodes, and the first set will be out in fall 2018. I’m not surprised to see this choice for an adaptation — Hicks’ animation background can be seen in the books, with plenty of dynamic action and staging. Plus the setting, based on 13th century China, is fascinating and well-detailed.

I’ll be eager to hear where this series will run, since I’d love to see it. Hicks has created complex characters in Kai and Rat, the leads of the story, two young people trying to navigate a changing world from very different viewpoints. Kai is the son of a conqueror who wants nothing to do with war, and Rat is a street urchin who knows the struggle of people’s real lives. Although a historical fantasy, The Nameless City has a lot to teach readers today.

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  • Darren Keane Storm

    I adore Nameless City! I hope they make the cartoon as exciting as a book. I’m looking forward to what will come of it.

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