Lumberjanes #37

Lumberjanes #37 cover by Kat Leyh

It’s a new story arc for Lumberjanes, one that explores more about who these scouts were before they came to camp.

As the cover shows, it’s Parents’ Day. Only that becomes tricky when so much of what happens involves the supernatural. The campers want to keep that a secret so they aren’t sent home early. And Molly’s parents aren’t coming, for some reason that we know is more than she’s saying. But that’s something to discover in coming issues.

In the meantime, she’s being introduced to her friends’ families, which are a variety of types. To keep the visitors distracted, the camp head has organized a scavenger hunt, so the girls split into two teams, with the competition to begin next issue. Because of all the introductions, this is being pitched as a good starting point for the series, which is entering its fourth year, and I’d agree with that.

Lumberjanes #37 cover by Kat Leyh

Cover by Kat Leyh

Writers Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh really know these characters, but the new artist for this storyline, Ayme Sotuyo, is a bit more cartoony than we’ve seen before, with dot eyes and pop eyes and such. Her work is expressive, but I’m not sure the air of “wacky skit about to break out any minute!” or the feeling of antique animation is the right choice for this story, which is more emotionally nuanced.

Here’s a five-page preview:

(The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

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