To Go With the Film, Wonder Woman Animated Movie Gets Re-Released

Wonder Woman Commemorative Edition

Instead of a new animated movie starring Wonder Woman, to tie into this summer’s live-action film, we’re getting a re-release of the 2009 cartoon origin story called the Wonder Woman Commemorative Edition.

It’s already out on digital, and the Blu-ray combo pack (and plain DVD) drop on May 16, with a new cover to look more like the movie’s marketing material.

Wonder Woman Commemorative Edition

I didn’t care much for the movie the first time around, mostly because I’ve seen umpteen versions of her origin at this point. As I said then,

This is a Wonder Woman for boys. She’s a wise-cracking hero, and there’s an awful lot of fighting. When she suits up for the first time, there’s a boob shot where she reaches into her cleavage to adjust her bustier. There are even zombies!

Thankfully, since it’s been almost a decade since this came out, expectations and audience for “the world’s greatest female superhero” have changed. That’s why I would have rather seen a new project. The live-action film covers her origin, so why have two versions out? Why not do a new story that explores her character in a different way, one that aims to reach the many people interested in the hero beyond the traditional young adult male superhero market? Maybe if the movie does really really well, there’s hope for something new later.

That approach did allow for a lot of fighting and battles, though, which is what the DC animated movies do best. Here’s a trailer for the re-release version. Wonder Woman is voiced by Keri Russell.

She fights Ares (Alfred Molina) aided by Steve Trevor (Nathan Fillion), Artemis (Rosario Dawson), and her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Virginia Madsen).

For the Commemorative Edition, the audio commentary from the first release has been carried over, as have the two featurettes “A Subversive Dream” and “Daughter of Myth”. New are a sneak peek at the upcoming Batman and Harley Quinn (probably the same one seen on the recently released Teen Titans: The Judas Contract) and a new featurette, “What Makes a Wonder Woman”. It’s described as follows:

For 75 years, Wonder Woman has resonated with audiences because of her loving nature and quest for truth. Hear some of her biggest fans and fellow creators discuss how her qualities have crafted her into the icon we know today.


  • Daniel

    I’m still baffled why DC didn’t pay Adam Hughes to finish his “All-Star Wonder Woman” project so they could release it as part of the marketing for the new movie.

  • GeeC

    This is a MEDIOCRE film at best.
    It’s the “best” Wonder Woman animated film simply because it’s the only one… It wouldn’t even be in the top ten, let alone top fifteen of my favorite DC films simply because it’s at best forgettable.
    (Worst? Far from it, I admit… There have been some stinkers since 2011 and admittedly a number of weak entries prior to the mandated DC-52 revisions post-2011.)
    It’s amazing how low expectations fanboys have given this film such a pass… It WAS one of the weaker entries prior to 2011 and the sales reflected that initially. Eventually, I think they sold a decent number of copies but it was not a huge hit.
    They are either lying on websites that praise this film, have low expectations, or they’re being PC because it’s Wonder Woman. The character isn’t even that popular among comic fans in general!
    Funny thing is that that compared to most of the films of the last 5-6 years released under the DC banner it would be considered superior!
    How far the quality of DC animated product has fallen!
    The animated adaptations on TV and direct-to-video used to be the standard bearer, the definitive quality model.
    Not so much anymore! You can only really say (honestly, you’re truthful) that at least DC animation nowadays isn’t worse than Marvel’s!

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