Whiteout Coming Back to Print

Whiteout Compendium

Whiteout was a gripping mystery-thriller written by Greg Rucka (Wonder Woman, Lazarus) and illustrated by Steve Lieber (The Fix) with a unique setting: the military base in Antarctica. It was a fascinating read, with a non-typical lead investigator, and a remarkable environment to build suspense.

Originally a four-issue miniseries, Whiteout was first collected in 1999, with a sequel, Whiteout: Melt, the next year. It became a not-very-good movie with Kate Beckinsale in 2009.

Oni Press republished the collections as remastered “Definitive Editions” in 2007 with the promise of a third volume to come. (It never appeared.)

Whiteout Compendium

Oni will release a combined book edition, Whiteout Compendium, on December 19 with a cover price of $19.99. While I wasn’t as big a fan of the sequel, I’m glad to see the comics staying in print. And I still have hope we’ll see the third, final story one day.

Update: The Compendium can now be pre-ordered from your local comic store with Diamond code AUG17 1887. They will have it on December 6, two weeks before the bookstore date.

Update (December 9): And now that I’ve seen the book, I’m going to conclude that the third volume will likely never appear. Rucka contributes a new afterword that looks back at the series history and sounds pretty final.

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