Ragmop Returns Again!

Technology marches on, and the smart comic creator moves with it. Take, as today’s case, Ragmop. It was a self-published series from 1995-1997, running 10 issues, then creator Rob Walton put out two issues with Image.

The next decade saw the rise of the book-format collection, so Walton reworked the comics into a graphic novel in 2006. (Unfortunately, that’s where I lost track of it. I loved the classic animation-styled art, but the conspiracy politics were just too much for me in such a huge chunk. Some work is better in smaller sections.)

Ragmop logo

Now, this decade is all about digital, so Ragmop has returned online, billed as “action/comedy Sci-Fi adventure”. Publisher Vault Comics says, “The entire graphic novel will be serialized online over the next five months with new installments every Wednesday,” making it their first webcomic. (Which might indicate why they’re having some early challenges — like how their website finally has a banner for the series but it isn’t linked to anything.) The two episodes up so far are substantial, with several pages each. And the art remains stunning.

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