WB Hiring for New DC Digital Service

New DC Comics logo 2016

Remember that DC digital network that was announced a couple of months ago? WB Entertainment Group has now posted a job opening for the Content Editor. This position will be

responsible for leading the day-to-day planning, development, and execution of the DC Digital Services on channel voice and daily editorial content — ensuring that content is prioritized against strategic needs and sustained fan engagement. The Content Editor will be responsible for the ongoing evaluation of the editorial content mix, identifying opportunities and recommendations for ongoing refinement and innovation.

This sounds like a dream job for a lot of people, if you’re willing to work in Burbank, California. Here are the job responsibilities:

Curate and produce engaging, fresh, and on-brand daily messaging and content in multiple formats (e.g. articles, quizzes, etc).
Partner with DC Direct to Consumer, Global Franchise, and Creative Services teams to ensure that content is on brand.
Publish, update, and maintain all editorial content using content management, community, application, and other digital platform tools.
Develop and maintain a digital editorial calendar that effectively communicates all content publishing activities to stakeholders and partners.
Coordinate efficient and effective working relationships with internal teams, cross-divisional partners, and external vendors.

The requirements state that over four years of production, editorial, creative writing, and/or digital media experience is required, so not an entry-level job. The other requirements are as you’d expect: familiarity with Photoshop, for instance, and high quality communication skills, as well as “Passion for the comic book, DC properties, and entertainment industry a plus.” I did find this particular line telling, as a way to provide notice that this is a job first, fan dream second: “Must be able to maintain project confidentiality.”

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